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Posts by Steve Richard-Preston

Custom Design Vs Template Modification

When designing websites there are two main approaches that can be taken in the design phase. These are “Custom Design” and “Template Modification”. Website Theme 101 A website’s appearance and structure is dictated by the website “theme”. A theme is collection of files and code that makes up a number of unique “page templates”. For each page […]

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Build Phase and Content Entry

Build and Content - Code

Site build and content entry is the business end of the website development process. After all of the planning and design, we now build up the site. Signing off on design is the dependency that must be met before me move onto build. In this phase we will: Build the website – includes building the theme […]

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Attributes and Attribute Sets – Magento

Magento Attributes

Attributes are characteristics that describe a product and are the building blocks of your product catalogue and hence defining attributes and the attributes sets is one of the first steps in planning for your Magento website. Each attribute contains a value that describes a characteristic of a product, such as “color” or “fabric.” The “color” […]

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Template Design Review

Template design follows on as the next major web development phase after wireframes are signed off. Typically we commence with the homepage design, based on the wireframes for the structure and style guide/stylesheets/design questionnaire for the look and feel. Once the homepage has gone through its review and revision process and is signed off, we move […]

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Provision of Content


The content phase is when we organise and confirm the requirements for all of the words, images, videos, attachments or any other media on your website. Let’s make no mistake about it – the provision of content is a BIG job. And oftentimes it’s the phase where delays are introduced to the website project timeline. Types of […]

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