Great results online don’t just happen, they are well planned for, and those plans must be meticulously executed.

Curata’s understanding of your customers, your business and your online history is crucial for the the successful planning and implementation of your website project and strategy. We get the information we need during our requirements gathering workshop (website consultancy service). At Curata we prefer to commit to quotes and commence website projects only after conducting a face to face meeting to discuss your business and web requirements in detail.

Requirements Workshop

Discussing in detail how your business works and what you want to to achieve online is a must have conversation. One that is better had sooner rather than later. Our workshops are a 3-6 hours face to face (or Skype) meeting in which we ask all of the right questions.

Workshop Deliverable

After the workshops we’ll work through the requirements and tailor a web solution and present it to you in the form of a “specification”. This document is essentially the blueprint for your website and explains the functionality of your website, in detail.

The Benefits

Conducting a requirements gathering workshop has many benefits, including:

  • Gets better project results, first time around
  • Reduces risk for all parties


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