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Akeneo Product Information
Management for Magento

Curata provides specialist services to implement and integrate the Akeneo product information management system for Magento. Akeneo is a product information management system (PIM) that connects to Magento (and other applications) to streamline your product data management process and improve the operational efficiency of your online retail business.

Central Web-Based Repository

Being an eCommerce operator, you would be all too familiar with the headache of working with multiple Excel sheets and CSV files to maintain your product catalogue. Typically, catalogue information is spread across many disparate departments/systems. Akeneo brings all of your structured data into one place, providing a central, web-based repository for the management of product information.

Once integrated (your catalogue is imported into Akeneo and the connections made to your external destinations), you can classify, enrich and translate your data ready for extraction and propagation (export) to your applications such as Magento. Reduce your reliance on spreadsheets and CSV files.


And it’s not just Magento that you can connect to. Akeneo is a true multichannel solution, meaning that you can push your data to multiple destinations including your Magento online store, mobile devices, print catalogue, ERP, data feeds and bricks and mortar point of sale (POS) system. The ever increasing number of channels for retailers makes Akeneo a very attractive proposition.

Akeneo PIM Schema

PIM Schema as provided by

Akeneo PIM for SME Magento Retailers

While solutions for large enterprise players have been around for some time now (think Hyrbis and IBM Informatica), there has been a gaping hole in the market for a cost effective yet professional PIM solution for SME’s. Akeneo fills that gap comfortably with it’s free “community” Edition, which offers a decent base level of features, certainly enough to get smaller businesses started in the world of PIM systems.

Akeneo Feature List

  • Products Management
  • Localisation
  • Quality Control
  • Configuration Management
  • Import Engine
  • Export Engine

If you are interested in increasing the efficiency of your eCommerce business operations, consider what Akeneo could do for you. For more information about Akeneo integration with Magento, or to discuss your business requirements, feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to talk shop.

If you’d like to read more about Magento PIM service offering, please download our presentation document Akeneo Implementation Service by Curata (PDF format).

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