Sell online with a high performance Magento website designed and built by Curata. Gathering requirements, specifying solutions and building eCommerce websites on Magento is our core business here at Curata. B2C or B2B, it doesn’t matter if you are a starting up a new business or have an established operation. We can design and build the online store, help with your product catalogue and other content requirements and review your business processes. We’ll ensure that our solution is best fit for your business.

Operational Experience Here for You

Our team has a range of experience as owner operators of multiple eCommerce stores powered by Magento since its days in beta. We know the ins and outs of actually running eCommerce, not just building websites. In our experience, this is a significant contributor to the success of our projects and client satisfaction.

Magento eCommerce Website Key Features

  • Branded Designed – We’ll design your eCommerce website to match up your business’s branding, goals and functional requirements with your target market.
  • High Performance – Site speed is known as one of the critical factors in user experience. Your customers won’t wait for a slow site, and search engines such as Google favour quick websites in search results (all other factors being equal). Our best practice development methodology is always performance focused.
  • SEO Features – We know you want to rank well. Out of the box, Magento is the highest rated open source eCommerce platform for SEO. We also perform additional optimisations and employ SEO best practice at all times.
  • Mobile Optimised – We understand the trend in increased mobile usage amongst your customers and we build all of our sites mobile optimised. Our “responsive” template design allows the page elements to fluidly adapt to any screen size from mobile to tablet, laptop and of course desktop.

Magento 2 Developers

Magento continues its dominance as the leading open-source eCommerce solution with the release of Magento 2, a completely new platform rebuilt from the ground up to service eCommerce merchants into the future. Curata can build your website on the new Magento 2 platform and we also provide services to migrate and update you existing Magento website to Magento 2.

You Need an eCommerce Website? Tell Us all About it…

Typically we commence eCommerce projects with a structured requirements gathering workshop. This half to full day face to face meeting with our clients gives us the opportunity to understand your business, processes and requirements in fine detail. From this we are able to propose a best fit solution, with confidence. Our methodical approach to properly understanding your needs minimises risk and maximises outcomes.

Setting up a new eCommerce website or redeveloping an existing one can be a daunting prospect for businesses. Web projects can be demanding of your business’s time and resources and can potentially be disruptive to day to day operations. That’s one reason why you need a team with solid operational experience in eCommerce – Curata.

Web Project Inclusions and Options

  • Requirements gathering session – This is a face to face meeting during which we take the time to get to know your business and map out your goals and website requirements. (Can be conducted via Skype when practical.)
  • Tried and tested web development process – Our development process delivers projects on budget, on time and to specification.
  • Dedicated project manager/single point of contact – An experienced and dedicated project manager will work with you for the duration of the project.
  • Branded/Custom Designed Theme – Subject to budget, Curata can custom design your website template or brand a pre made template. Both options are optimised (responsive) for mobile devices.
  • Site Speed and SEO optimisations – A range of optimisations will be employed during our development cycle to prioritise site speed and SEO best practices.
  • Installation and build on the latest release of Magento Community – We will commence the build on the latest public release version of Magento, the world’s number 1 open source eCommerce Platform.
  • Cross browser/cross platform QA testing – A rigorous and extensive in-house testing regime ensures quality across a range of browser and operating system combinations.
  • Magento training session and website theme documentation – We provide Magento training with every website project. The training will cover site and operational tasks.
  • 30 day warranty period – While we employ a rigorous quality assurance testing process, we also appreciate that peace of mind is important to you. We provide a 30 day warranty period at the completion of the project to allow time for any bugs (not that we expect any) to be ironed out.
  • Catalogue Creation – We can assist you with the creation of your product catalogue, often a sticking point for web developers who lack operational experience.
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools – Understand your visitors and how they behave on your site. If you don’t already have these tools in place, we will create accounts and add the code to your website. These are free tools provided by Google and are critical to your marketing activities and ongoing site improvement. We also offer Enhanced eCommerce Analytics setup as an optional extra service.

What Makes Us Different?

When it comes to building eCommerce websites, we believe we demonstrate several significant points of difference to your average web agency.

The first relates to content and our eagerness to get involved with it. Many developers don’t understand content – product catalogue and copywriting. We love both. Having worked in and operated online stores, we know the ins and outs to setting up and managing a product catalogue. We’ve also got team members on board who have worked as client side website editors for content driven websites. The provision of content is often a sticking point in web projects and therefore we take a proactive role in assisting our clients organise and their product catalogue.

Secondly, we’ve been there, done that. Our team has broad range of experience as owner operators of multiple eCommerce stores. We know the ins and outs of actually running eCommerce, not just building websites. We understand the impact of change on business during a website rebuild. And if you’re a first timer, we been through the whole start up thing, several times overs. Our collective experience is here for your business to benefit from.

Quality – Process and Tools

We are sticklers for quality. Every project we undertake is run through our methodical web development process. We don’t cut corners of skimp on quality at any stage – we don’t need to. Unlike other developers who do not run full requirements workshops prior to quoting, we don’t get caught out during the project by project “scope creep”. We understand exactly what needs to be done before we commit to a quote.

eCommerce Website Development Process Overview

Magento Websites

For high performance retail or B2B, we build exclusively on Magento and Magento 2. It’s the best open-source eCommerce platform, that’s why we use is. Magento is the world’s leading open source eCommerce platform powering over 200, 000 stores generating in excess of $60B annually. Magento is extremely customisable and hence powerful. It’s scalable and will provide your business with a platform to sell now and into the future.

Magento’s open source framework allows maximum flexibility to build in any customisation imaginable and able to be integrated with enterprise level systems such as ERP and CRM. Big names use Magento, with the likes of Nike, Harvey Norman and many more choosing Magento over other expensive proprietary technologies.

We also provide supported, specialised Magento hosting packages as a highly recommended but optional extra.

Take the Next Step

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