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Magento Hosting

Our comprehensive Magento hosting package takes the hassle out of web hosting. Curata hosting is an enterprise level solution comprised of:

  • Powerful and scalable hardware
  • Web server & application support
  • Emergency support
  • Source + version control and deployment tools
  • Periodic application maintenance program.

Simply put, you don’t have to worry about a thing. It will work, and work well.


Fast and Reliable

Here’s a couple of good reasons why it’s so important to run a quick eCommerce website:

  1. Your customers won’t wait. Research shows that even minimal delays in page load times can have significant impact on conversion rates. If you’re customers are waiting for slow pages to load, it’s likely you’ll loose them before they make it to the cart or checkout.
  2. Google loves speed. Googles knows when visitors bounce from your site and they know when it’s related to slow page load times (cleaver bunch aren’t they?). It follows that quicker sites offer a better user experience and hence more engagement and the end result of this is generally a more favourable ranking for quicker sites, where all other ranking factors are equal.

Magento has a reputation for being a “resource beast” and for good reason. Magento is a very powerful, complex and hence resource hungry application. You’ll only get so far with “standard” website hosting. Once traffic increases to a critical level your site will encounter issues with site performance, sometimes terminal – total site failure. This is obviously an unacceptable scenario for serious businesses.

Benefits of Curata Hosting

There are many…

  1. Single Provider. You’ll have a single point of contact for all of your website related enquiries and issues, and you won’t ever get stuck in the middle of the “web host” vs “web developer” argument.
  2. Fully managed. We take a proactive approach to all of the ongoing maintenance of the web server and application (WordPress).
  3. Fast. We use powerful infrastructure to ensure your site makes a positive impact through its performance.
  4. Application Support. If any issues arise due to the application itself (WordPress) we’ll rectify those too.
  5. Version control and deployment system. We only develop and test on the staging server to safeguard against live site breakage.
  6. Flexible Invoicing. Choose between monthly or annual invoicing.

Hosting Service Inclusions

  • AWS Infrastructure – Utilisation of AWS EC2 infrastructure, providing powerful, reliable and scalable solutions.
  • Automatic backups  – Automatic backups to cloud based storage.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) – A CDN improves site speed by delivering static content such as images from multiple “edge” locations, rather than the web server itself.
  • Server monitoring and escalation – Leading edge server monitoring and automated escalation mechanisms instantly notify Curata of any issues that require our attention. (Provides a trigger for manual intervention if our automated diagnostic tools are unable to rectify the problem.)
  • Scalability – Our web solutions allow the future increase in resource (hardware upgrade) to take place with no or minimal impact on the business.  Note that additional charges may apply where work upgrade work is required within 12 months.
  • Git/Github – Git provides source control of the website code which enables us to track code changes that have been made at any time since the commencement of the project.
  • Capistrano – Capistrano manages the deployment of new code from the git repository to the live server, providing versioning history and the ability to rollback changes as required.
  • Server side optimisation – Server side optimisation stack tailored for the application.
  • Staging Server – Dedicated staging server for code deployments, QA testing and client review.
  • Client Access – You will be provided with SFTP /  SSH access for the uploading of media files, where required.
  • SSL configuration and installation – The installation and configuration of an SSL certificate is included, where specified in the website requirements.

Magento Optimisation

The web server will be configured for the optimal performance of the Magento platform using the following technologies/configuration.

  • Optimising apache2 (removing non necessary packages)
  • PHP-APC (Opcode caching)
  • Redis (Session Management)
  • Content Distribution Network (assets)
  • Configuring Magento for performance
Package Costs & More Information

Please download our Curata Managed Web Hosting Packages document for our latest price list and SLA’s for Magento hosting.

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