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Australian business has embraced Magento since its release in 2008, with the platform currently powering over 40% of online stores in Australia. This makes it far and away Australia’s leading open source technology for eCommerce websites.

Why use Magento Over Other eCommerce Software?

Magento is the world’s number one open source eCommerce platform and here’s a few reasons why commerce loves Magento and why we love working with it…

  1. The code is open source code and Magento provides a free Community Edition
  2. Evolved quickly from its launch in 2008, and actively supported by a worldwide community of developers.
  3. A feature rich core platform – Magento is a fully functional eCommerce solution straight out of the box with the ability to handle large traffic and transactional volumes
  4. A huge repository of free or paid components to expand the functionality of the core Magento platform
  5. Is updated more often. Functionality continually improves and the codebase is kept up to date and secure against hacking attacks.
  6. Flexible structure for skilled programmers experienced in PHP & MySQL
  7. Has the best SEO rating straight out of the box.
  8. Tightly integrated with Google Services straight out of the box.
  9. Scalable – modular architecture allows the platform to operate with anything from small business to large enterprise sites
  10. Is the easiest and most cost effective to install and maintain.
  11. Support trading in multiple currencies
  12. Multiples shopfronts running from a single platform.
  13. Professional and Enterprise options when ready to upgrade to high level support

Open Source Vs Proprietary CMS

We believe open source is king! From the eCommerce players such as Magento, OpenCart and osCommerce through to standard web technologies such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal through to , open source is the smart choice for web development for the vast majority of SME requirements. Not convinced that Open Source is the way to go? Consider some of the following questions…

Some Big Name Brands Using Magento

Dick Smith Online Store EA Sports Harvey Norman Powerd by Magento Nike Store

Yes, Magento powers all of these sites Nike, Harvey Norman, Dick Smith, EA Sports and many, many more!

Magento’s Capabilities…

Whether you are a smaller, independent online retailer or one of big players, Magento is capable of handling all your online shopping requirements.

  • Magento can power large, complex eCommerce websites with high traffic and transaction volumes.
  • Magento can be themed anyway you like – from simple but effective, low-cost templates right through to full, highly customised designs.
  • The product catalogue & product appearance, cart, and checkout process can be highly customised relevant to your retail niche and maximise conversion.
  • Integrates with 3rd party software such as ERP, CRM etc.

Why Choose Magento Over OS Commerce or OpenCart?

This infographic speaks for itself. Although Magento is a relatively new player, it has quickly become the most popular and feature rich solution.

Magento Vs OS Commerce and OpenCart Infographic

Thanks and credit to Forix for the excellent infographic!

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