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Website Development Process

Published by - on 29th January 2015 in: Uncategorized
Web Process

Our website development process is tried, tested and proven, It can be broken down into 6 main phases, Web Development Phases Requirements Gathering Content Creation Structure and Functional Design Aesthetic Design Build and Test Go Live Each of these phases acts as a gateway to the next, meaning that progression from one phase to the next is […]

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What are Wireframes? – How to Review

Published by - on 28th January 2015 in: Uncategorized
Simple Wireframe Example

The review and ultimate signoff of wireframes is the second milestone during a standard web project, typically coming shortly after the sitemap is confirmed. Often times we’ll run the sitemap and wireframe phases in parallel. For each page template we will build, there will be a wireframe. What are Wireframes? The following are key functions […]

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How to Use Basecamp – Best Practice Tips

Published by - on 22nd January 2015 in: Uncategorized
Basecamp Image

I first started using Basecamp in my first PM role about 5 years ago now. Since then Basecamp has undergone one major upgrade and is regularly updated with small incremental improvements. In this article I’ll share some advice on how to use Basecamp. Basecamp is often touted as a project management tool, however, I prefer to […]

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New Curata Website

Published by - on 12th January 2015 in: Uncategorized
Curata Website Launch

Today we launched our new and improved website. It’s built on the WordPress CMS. Anyone who had the misfortune of ever visiting our old website would know how much of an improvement this new site is. The new website is the result of a recent business re-think and re-branding here at Curata. We’re focusing on […]

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