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Simplify your message, remove distractions and increase conversion with landing pages. Landing pages are effective tools for encouraging your website visitors to take specific actions.

A typical webpage contains many many page elements such as navigation, images, headers and footers, all providing the visitor with multiple options of where to click next. Often times, too many having too many options results in unpredictable user behaviour.

Laser Targeted “Call to Action”

Landing pages remove superfluous content and page and design elements, replacing those with a single, laser targeted message and call to action. When used with a specific PPC campaign you can use landing pages at any stage along your sales funnel to maximise conversion – moving your visitors from one step with specific actions to ultimately complete a desired goal.

Landing Page Uses

The following are examples of actions that can be achieved through effective landing page implementation:

  • Sign up to mailing list
  • Download a free e-book, or other free digital content
  • Complete a form to request a call back from your sales team
  • Complete a form to request a quote

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