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Get results with a lead generating website designed and built by Curata. An effective web presence for today’s businesses is critical, we all know that. So why are there still so many poorly designed websites on the web today? Well, we say you get out what you put in, and many businesses simply don’t appreciate the opportunities and risks that abound online, and don’t plan accordingly.

The Right Process

We spend the time up front to full understand your business, your customers and your requirements. Our requirements gathering workshop is a face to face session that allows us to get to you know your business before proposing the web solution.

Where possible, we then take a content centric design to design process, meaning that the content and media that you plan to publish on your site is central to the design process.

Our web development process is regulated by several visible and clear milestones, you’ll always know where progress is at. You’ll have a single point of contact with our Digital Producer/Project Manager Steve Richard-Preston.

The Right Technology

We build our business websites on the WordPress CMS – it simply does the job. There are plenty of considerations when evaluating technology for your website development. Here are 4 key considerations:

  • Future proofing – Will your platform of choice still be around in 5 years from now? While we don’t have a crystal ball, we are confident that WordPress (powering over 70,000,000 websites and 25% of all new websites) is a smart choice for longevity.
  • Ease of use to update content – We believe we must you put you in control of your website from day one. So a fantastic, easy to use interface is a essential. A fancy website is useless if you need a computer science degree to update content, or even worse you need to pay someone else to do it. WordPress really comes to the party in terms of ease of use in the admin panel – easily update pages, add images and links, add new pages and news articles. No fuss!
  • Open Source – While some companies seemingly love spending upwards of $100,000 for proprietary solutions, we love open source and saving you money. You “own” the codebase and can do with it as you please. You’re also less likely to find yourself “locked in” to particular developers when you use open source technology.
  • Highly customisable – Yes, WordPress can be customised to fulfil your business and functionality requirements. You only have to look at some of the 35,000+ plugins available for WordPress to we some of the amazing functionality you can add. Additional site features can also be included through custom coding.


Getting great results is a team effort. We know the tools that work for effective collaboration and as such we’ll assimilate you, the client team, into our IT systems to ensure and clear, centralised lines of communication and effective project management.

Take the Next Step

Contact Curata using the Quick Contact form below to discuss your business website needs, or view some of our more recent projects.

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