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eCommerce Case Study – Glad Lash Inc.


US based cosmetics manufacturer and online retailer Glad Lash Inc. engaged Curata to redesign and re-platform its online store from Weebly to Magento. The new site was launched in January 2016 and since then Curata has continued to partner with Glad Lash Inc for ongoing support and development of the technology stack.

Glad Lash Inc. had been operating an eComm website for several years and had experienced some growth. However, Director, Brian Greene, understood that the limitations of the old website design and the Weebly shopping cart were restricting additional growth. The current technology, systems and processes were not scalable… It was time to invest in the business to enable a greater return.

The goal of the project was to build a scalable eCommerce ecosystem that was able to grow with the business. We succeeded in reaching this goal and exceeded our client’s expectations.

Project Tasks

  • Website design, including responsive theme
  • Re-platform online store to Magento CE
  • Product catalogue restructure
  • Product information update, including creation of attributes/sets
  • Systems integration including automated fulfilment
  • Content strategy including blog redesign and re-platform to WordPress
  • PPC and social media/content marketing strategy


Our client has asked that we only publish general results. So we can share with you the following  % changes. New site launch date was January 20th 2016.


The site experienced a significant and immediate increase in traffic due to improved SEO and PPC traffic. (PPC spend Vs results became scalable directly after launch.)


The site experienced a significant increase in conversion due to the optimised design of the website and improved product information. Conversion ramped up to an approximate 90% increase over the first 3 month post launch.


In line with the above traffic and conversion metrics, revenue increases that exceeded our client’s expectations followed.

Blog Traffic – Long Term

The blog and content marketing strategy was a long term plan and took, as expected, more time to see results. Blog landing page sessions has increased by 200+% from launch to current day.

Ongoing Engagement

Given the success of the new site launch and performance, Glad Lash Inc. has continued to partner with Curata for more than two years.

Curata provides ongoing consulting work in the following areas:

  • Magento and WordPress design and development (optimisation and new features)
  • Fully managed web hosting and deployment process, including QA testing
  • Product information management
  • Multichannel support, including rollouts on eBay, Amazon and Walmart
  • Systems analysis, testing and integration: POS, fraud, payment gateways, shipping APIs etc.
  • Customer Service channel management
  • Content marketing strategy, including blog
  • Content production
  • PPC and social media marketing and email campaign management
  • Monthly Reporting & Analysis
  • Monthly Strategy Meetings
  • A large number of miscellaneous eCommerce consulting services

Testimonial From the Director

I can’t say enough good things about Curata. They went above and beyond what was required. They care about your business as much as you do. They are very thorough and put the effort in at the beginning. This process might seem tedious but as you get into it you realize how important it is. Just like you would draw up detailed plans for a house and lay a solid foundation, that is exactly what Curata does. That way there are no surprises. They came in exactly on budget and have exceeded our expectations. Even though the website has been rebuilt and launched Curata is still a very important part of our business model moving forward. Their team understand project management and they have exactly the right balance of creative and technical knowledge to help many types of businesses. I remember saying that I literally cried the first time I saw the rebuilt site. Not only did it look beautiful on the front end but functioned more importantly how we needed it to on the backend. We have now fully automated our fulfilment process and therefore reduced errors that were affecting customer satisfaction. I would highly recommend Curata to any company with a digital presence or looking to have one.

– Brian Greene, Director, Glad Lash Inc. Los Angeles, CA.

Curata Capabilities – Your eCommerce Partner

Curata has the team to work with your business and enable growth. We pride ourselves on building long term relationships with our clients and can provide ongoing support to suit the needs of your business. We can assimilate seamlessly with your team to fill the gaps to ensure your business continues to operate efficiently and productively into the future.

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