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Online Retailer 2015 – Quick Review

Published by - on 27th July 2015 in:
Magento at Online Retailer 2015

We were down in Sydney last week for a client workshop, so Holly and I thought we’d take the opportunity to check out Online Retailer 2015. It’d been a few years since my last visit to the Expo, so I was keen to checkout what’s new and soak up the tech.

Online Retailer brings the Australasian industry together, people and businesses in retail that innovates and disrupt. People attend Online Retailer to connect not only with their peers but also with competitors and vendors, it is a forum where new connections are made, old ones renewed and collaboration discussed.

– Online Retailer

All Things Oro

The highlight for me was meeting Yoav Kutner in person, Co-Founder of Magneto and now Co-Founder and CEO of Oro Inc (LinkedIn). We had a quick chat about the OroCRM application, which we’ve been implementing as our base CRM for client projects. Yoav also gave us some information about the OroCommerce (eCommerce platform) that the company is currently working on, which will initially focus on B2B eCommerce. Although it’s a bit cliched, any company that promises to “disrupt B2B online commerce” is worth keeping an eye one.

Rumour has it that a B2C offering is also on the Oro roadmap, so it’s interesting times ahead in the open source eCommerce platform space. Magento seems to have a new competitor on the way.

Online Retailer 2015 Expo Floor


We were also lucky enough to meet with Sebastien Lieutaud, VP Sales & Marketing at Akeneo. Akeneo is a Product Information Management tool (PIM) that connects with platforms such as Magento to centralise catalogue information. We recently commenced our first Akeneo implementation here at Curata, so we were grateful to get access to Sebastien for an hour or so over coffee.

We chatted about some of the technical challenges that we’ve come up against in our first Akeneo PIM implementation, and Sebastien also gave us some information about the Akeneo Partner Program, which we’re considering as we see an opportunity in the market for PIM services for small to medium sized eCommerce businesses.


No visit to Online Retailer is complete without nerding out over some tech. On the top of my list this year was A/B testing software, so I was happy to stumble across VWO (Visual Website Optimiser) and spent some time running through a quick demo. The neatest thing about the software is the drag and drop editor that allows quick and easy editing of page elements to create page variations that can then be used for A/B, multi-variate and other campaigns. I’ll definitely be demoing this software further in the future. Very impressed with the ease of use and power of the editor/campaign creator.

Online Retailer Sydney 2015

So our one morning whistle stop of the Expo was done for 2015. For any retailers who have not yet made the trip to Online Retailer, it’s highly recommended. Due to limited time we didn’t take in any of the conference events such as the keynotes or workshops this time around. But having attended these previously, they are also well worth attending.

Put it in your diary for 2016!


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