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Simple, scalable, powerful…

For 10+ years we have trusted WordPress as our CMS of choice to power our clients’ websites. With over 800M installations worldwide and over 40% market share of new websites, WordPress continues to deliver.


Lead generation FTW!

Make your website work for your business, generating leads through content/inbound, PPC and organic strategies. Curata websites don’t just look great – they perform! We’ll consult with you to establish your business goals and then translate those into a beautiful, functional and high performance website design.



Building your new website is a team effort and Curata will guide the way utilising our tried and tested development processes. At Curata we start wth our requirements gathering process, to clearly define the your business needs and scope of the web project. Once in production, we will provide regular progress reports and utilise simple project management tools and systems that make it easy for our clients to be integrated into the project.

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Be in control 

A shiny, new website is of limited use to your business if it is difficult to update. WordPress is an easy to use content management system (CMS) that puts you in control of your content. As part of the website project, we will provide you with training to perform core functions such as creating and editing pages and adding images and links, along with how to use any custom features.

Highly customisable

Being open source and with 50,000+ plugins, WordPress can be customised to fulfil all of your business needs – it is even expandable to include a shopping cart.  No longer is WordPress just a blogging platform, although it still does that perfectly well! The CMS is trusted by some of the biggest brands online including Disney, Tech Crunch, Microsoft News and Vogue.

Content driven design

We will work closely with you to create a website design driven by your brand and the content and features that is most important to your customers. Content remains king and it’s critical for your business to clearly convey information that helps your customers along their journey.


Why choose WordPress?

WordPress is the leading open source CMS for lead generating websites, here’s why…

Open source

Open source is king! Open source means that you have full access tot he code base of the website. Open source systems allow customisation your website in any way you can imagine. This is as opposed to “proprietary” sites which only allow no or limited access to the code, and hence restrict the design and functionality.

Why we love WordPress

  1. Been around for 15+ years, and actively developed by a worldwide community of developers.
  2. Has the largest developer community – around twice as many plugins than Drupal and Joomla.
  3. Is updated more often. Functionality continually improves and the codebase is kept up to date and secure against hacking and attacks.
  4. Has the best SEO rating straight out of the box.
  5. Is the easiest and most cost effective to install and maintain.
  6. Simplicity of operation – stay in control of your content and your message with the easy to use interface.

Not just a blogging platform

No! This is one of the biggest myths perpetuated by some developers who are either out of the loop or have a vested interested in promoting another CMS. WordPress was originally designed as an easy to use blogging platform in 2003, but has long since progressed to become a fully functional, powerful, yet simple-to-use CMS. It certainly can’t be claimed that WordPress is ‘simply a blogging platform’.

Sites you can build with WordPress…

WordPress is capable of running large and complex websites, but its real sweet spot is providing cost effective, easy to maintain websites for small to medium enterprises – straight out of the box! WordPress can be themed anyway you like – from simple but effective, low-cost templates right through to full, highly customised designs.

WordPress is also SEO optimised and due to its roots as a blogging platform, handles news feeds exceptionally well which is an essential requirement for content driven digital and inbound marketing.

Through additional development/use of free or premium plugins, WordPress can cater for:

  • Subscription based sites
  • Larger product catalogue based sites
  • Ecommerce websites (WooCommerce handles physical and digital content products)

    Why choose WordPress over Joomla or Drupal?

    While there is plenty of choice, for the vast majority of small to medium size business needs, WordPress remains the smart choice…

    WordPress Vs Joomla Vs Drupal Infographic

    Thanks and credit goes to Devious Media for the infographic.

    Our WordPress capabilities…

    WordPress Website Design

    Custom Template Development

    WordPress Updates and Bug Fixes

    Landing Page Design

    WooCommerce Shopping Cart

    CRO and A/B Testing

    Lead Generation Funnels

    Website Speed Optimisation

    MOR Boutique
    Tas Racing
    Tas Racing

    What our clients say...

    "Recommend without hesitation"

    Steve and Holly were at all times responsive and thoughtful about solutions...  with timely management of issues and excellent communication... I would recommend their services without hesitation.

    Hanah Jenkins, Digital Producer, Tasracing

    "Went above and beyond"

    I can’t say enough good things about Curata. They care about your business as much as you do… They came in exactly on budget and have exceeded our expectations... Curata is still a very important part of our business model. I would highly recommend Curata.

    Brian Greene, Director, GladGirl

    "Exceptional help"

    Thank you for your exceptional help throughout our project with the design and development... Your expertise and advice absolutely understood and complemented our business model... you are one company that can deliver on what you promise...

    Michelle Edwards, Faire

    "Professional and highly competent"

    The Room has worked with Curata... partnered with us to build a number of websites for our clients. I have always found the Curata team professional, responsive and highly competent... I would highly recommend them.

    Jasmine Otto, Director, The Room Design Studio

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