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70+ mobile PageSpeed score

80+ desktop PageSpeed score

B+ GTMetrix Score 

Get a fast WordPress site

Guaranteed results* on selected packages

Curata will get your WordPress site to 70+ mobile and 80+ desktop scores on GTMetrix speed test tool, or we’ll give you a 50% discount off the package price (and still get you as close as possible to those goals)! VIEW PACKAGES.

Our optimisation techniques also address many aspect of Google Core Web Vitals, to give your SEO a further boost!

A slow site is costing you much more than you think…

Your slow site is costing you:


You may already appreciate that a slow website provides a poor user experience. But did you know that slow speed has a quantifiable negative effect? Further, site speed and Google Core Web Vitals grades are ranking factors! Yes, you will be penalised with lower Google rankings if your competitors have faster sites. We have the solutions and can help you get a fast site today.

About Google Rankings

Google is "obsessed with speed" and more than ever, speed and user experience are being used by Google as ranking factors. Other factors being equal, slow sites get demoted, fast sites reap the benefits of higher rankings, more customers and sales. Research also suggests that up to 40% of web users will abandon a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

About Amazon research

For ecommerce operators, slow pages can affect all stages of the transaction funnel resulting in lost sales and revenue. Amazon’s well publicised data analysis found that every 100MS in latency costs 1% of sales – this a terrifying thought for all online retailers - luckily for WooCommerce users - one that can dealt with, here and now.

Mobile FTW!

The majority web users are now on mobile devices, and your customers' first interaction will often be on mobile! Site speed on mobile is a BIG DEAL, with 67% of mobile users saying that when they visit a mobile-friendly site, they're more likely to buy a site's product or service! Our service improves speed on mobile and desktop.

What you get

When you engage Curata to optimise your WordPress site speed, we’ll employ a range of specialist tools and our expert knowledge to achieve the following results for you:

Google PageSpeed Scores: 80+ desktop, 70+ mobile

GTMetrix Grades: A Grade for desktop and B for mobile.

Does your site qualify?

Most probably! Based on our experience with speed optimisations, we are confident we can get results on almost any WordPress site, including WooCommerce and membership based websites.

We will conduct a pre-service audit, just let us know what your domain is, we’ll take a look at if for free and get back to you with the next steps.

Our results...

As of June 2023, on average we have achieved the following results for our speed optimisation clients...


improvement in page load times


improvement in mobile performance scores

1.3 sec

page load time on desktop

In the example below we improved this site's performance on mobile from a score of 37 to 96 on Google PageSpeed Insights! And from GTmetrix results, the fully loaded time dropped from 4.5s to 2.1s. Finally from Lighthouse Core Web Vitals, the Largest Contentful Paint improved from 2.9s to 529ms and Cumulative Layout Shift also improved! These huge improvements provide a noticeably better user experience and better ranking factors.

What can we achieve for you?

Results Before -GTmetrix
Mobile result before optimisation
Mobile performance after optimisation
Mobile performance after optimisation

Please contact us for more examples of our optimisation work.

Speed optimisation packages

What our clients say...

"Recommend without hesitation"

Steve and Holly were at all times responsive and thoughtful about solutions...  with timely management of issues and excellent communication... I would recommend their services without hesitation.

Hanah Jenkins, Digital Producer, Tasracing

"Went above and beyond"

I can’t say enough good things about Curata. They care about your business as much as you do… They came in exactly on budget and have exceeded our expectations... Curata is still a very important part of our business model. I would highly recommend Curata.

Brian Greene, Director, GladGirl

"Exceptional help"

Thank you for your exceptional help throughout our project with the design and development... Your expertise and advice absolutely understood and complemented our business model... you are one company that can deliver on what you promise...

Michelle Edwards, Faire

"Professional and highly competent"

The Room has worked with Curata... partnered with us to build a number of websites for our clients. I have always found the Curata team professional, responsive and highly competent... I would highly recommend them.

Jasmine Otto, Director, The Room Design Studio

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More about our packages...

FREE website speed audit - We'll test and review your site and confirm if your site needs optimisation and advise if it meets our criteria for service. Note that some very old WordPress versions are not supported. Our audit is completely free and comes with no obligation.

Performance goals - This is what we are aiming for and are typical results for our clients. Given the many variable and dependencies involved, these goals are not guaranteed. We use a range of tools to measure the before and after results. For the best optimisation performance, choose our Advanced or Enterprise packages.

Performance guarantee -We offer a guarantee our results on our Enterprise and Enterprise + WooCommerce packages. If for whatever reason we can't reach our goal, we will still achieve significant improvement and get you as close as possible to our benchmarks AND we will provide you with a 50% discount off the cost of your package! (Note that our recommended CDN solution must be implemented. If you are unable to provide us with authorisation or access to implement our CDN, we cannot offer our guarantee.) Results for our guarantee are measured using GTMetrix.

Implementation - Our base level of implementation applies optimisations site wide, however we only do limited testing and report only on the homepage on our Basic package. If you have high priority page templates such as landing pages or an ecommerce site, then choose one of our higher packages. On Advanced and above, you can nominate specific pages for us to focus on, these will be tested and reported on to ensure the highest possible performance.

Quality and assurance testing - We provide before and after QA testing to ensure that your site continues to function correctly after the optimisations are applied.

Reporting - We will provide you with an easy to understand report that shows you the before and after results.

Documentation - We will provide further documentation that explains how to maintain your site ongoing and also if there are further optimisation recommendations.

CDN - A CDN will improve the performance of your website and requires us to have access to your DNS hosting. Note that our performance guarantee is not offered unless we can implement our preferred CDN.

WooCommerce Packages - Our ecommerce solutions is an add on service (additional $500) that can be applied to either our Advanced package, for a total cost of $1490, or our Enterprise package, for a total cost of $1990. This includes the optimisation of product and category page templates and additional time for QA, testing and reporting.

Limitations - Speed optimisation is the process of restructuring existing page code and scripts to load in a more efficient manner. It does not include the writing of new code. Where significant limitations are imposed by heavy themes or non-optimised plugins, Curata will provide recommendations for additional high priority remedial work.

The technical details

We call on the full range of technical strategies and optimisations and employ these on a case by case basis to achieve our benchmarks:

  • Image optimisation
  • Serve images in next-gen formats (WebP)
  • Defer off screen Images (lazy loading of images)
  • Serve scaled images
  • Minify CSS and javascript
  • Eliminate render-blocking resources
  • Defer parsing of Javascript
  • Delay Javascript
  • Serve fonts locally
  • Implement a CDN

Speed optimisation FAQs 

What is website speed optimisation?

Speed optimisation is an improvement process that uses technical best practices and strategies to make a webpage load as fast as possible and delivery the best possible scores for Core Web Vitals. See the above section "The technical details" for a list of optimisations that we can use.

Will anything change on the front end of my website?

No, the design and features of your website will remain the same. If we discover any serious issues that require remedial development work to your template or content, we will discuss this with you. We'll never make any changes to your site without your approval.

Do I need to pay for any additional services?

No, the price of the optimisation package includes the tools that we use to implement the optimisation. Depending on performance we might suggest a CDN, which will be on a free tier.

Do I need a development or staging site?

No, given the nature of this process, we will work directly on your live site. The changes that we make are done gradually with testing done step by step throughout the process. Your site will remain live and usable by your visitors during the optimisation process.

What might affect performance over time?

Aside from internal factors, as mentioned in the Q&A above, there are external factors that might change over time. For example, from time to time, Google changes the way the Page Speed Insights "Lighthouse" and Core Web Vitals scoring system scores work. There are many factors that Google uses to assign a performance score, and the weighting of these individual components can change over time, affecting the score either negatively or positively. Choosing one of our packages that includes ongoing maintenance is a hassle free way to ensure that your site continues to perform into the future, even if things change that are outside of your control.

If you've got any other questions about how our optimisation service works, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information or to organise a quick call to discuss.

The research

You might be thinking there are some big claims being made related to site speed and rankings/Core Web Vitals. Don't take our word for it, check out these supporting references:

Our optimisation capabilities...

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