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Template Design Review

Template design follows on as the next major web development phase after wireframes are signed off.

Typically we commence with the homepage design, based on the wireframes for the structure and style guide/stylesheets/design questionnaire for the look and feel. Once the homepage has gone through its review and revision process and is signed off, we move on to the remaining page templates, using the homepage as the master from which these are derived.

Prior to your review, the homepage template will have undergone a rigorous “in-house” review process involving the designer, web developer, digital producer/project manager and account manager (where applicable). When we as a team are satisfied the design meets requirements, only then do we provide the design as V1 (version 1) for your review.

Tips for Review

  • Wireframe to Design – Check that you are satisfied with the consistency of the general structure from wireframe to design.
  • Styles to Design – Check that style guides/stylesheets look and feel has been applied appropriately to the design.
  • Copywriting – Don’t be overly concerned with actual text content/copywriting. Often we will use placeholder content to populate elements. Final content will be added during the build phase. However if you feel some elements are missing or not as expected, please raise this.
  • Images – Again, we may use some placeholder images in V1. Please provide feedback on all imagery and graphical elements. Your project manager will advise you i) which elements are hard-coded (if any as we ordinarily try to avoid this) and as such need to be confirmed prior to build, and ii) which elements are updatable via the CMS and therefore not as much of a concern during the review process.
  • Navigation – As with images, some navigation blocks will be editable, while some may be dynamic depending on the page template. Your project manager can provide more detail if required. The main point is to check that the navigation blocks you require are present in the design, rather than the actual page links within those blocks being 100% accurate.

Design Review Process

The following is the process per page template.

  1. You will be supplied the design as an image file. Please be sure to view the image at 100% (NOT “zoom to fit” or any other setting.) It’s critical that when you review you are seeing the design pixel for pixel on your screen.
  2. V1  Review – Always provide as much feedback as possible in the first instance. As per the wireframe review process, there are 2 rounds of revisions.
  3. We will discuss any feedback and implement any changes as required/agreed.
  4. V2 Review – Version 2 will be supplied and this is the final opportunity for change requests. Ideally this round can be treated as the “final proof” and sign off if there are no required changes.
  5. We will discuss any feedback and implement any changes as required/agreed.
  6. Final Sign Off – This is the final proof. The version that is signed off here, is what we will build.

Variations After Sign Off

Changes requested after sign off are considered variations. For information about variations and how we handle them please see the section “Variations” in my web development process article.

About Steve Richard-Preston
Steve Richard-Preston

I’m Steve Richard-Preston, Digital Producer & Project Manager here at Curata. I love technology, particularly where it meets with business and their customers – online. I have a special interest in business and eCommerce web design, content strategy, digital marketing, project management and usability. Having worked with Magento and WordPress for 8+ years both client and agency side, I focus on content and functional design.