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Development Process

Web Process

Our website development process is tried, tested and proven, It can be broken down into 6 main phases,

Web Development Phases

  1. Requirements Gathering
  2. Content Creation
  3. Structure and Functional Design
  4. Aesthetic Design
  5. Build and Test
  6. Go Live

Each of these phases acts as a gateway to the next, meaning that progression from one phase to the next is dependent on the sign off of each phase. The exception to this rule is content creation, which runs in parallel throughout the project up until the agreed content sign off date. The dependencies are required in order to keep projects on track and within scope and budget.

Web Development Process Flowchart

The following flowchart outlines the key phases at a high level.

Website development processThis is the process that has worked for us for many successful web projects, delivered on budget and on schedule. Schedules can be gruelling at times, particular for clients when revision and feedback is required. We understand this and we’re always available to assist at any stage.

Sign Off

Sign off represents an agreement between Curata and you, the client. It means that both parties are happy with the documentation/specifications before moving onto the next phase. The agreement works two ways to protect both parties and deliver results;

  1. We’ll walk the talk. Once sign off is provided, we’ll move on to the next phase and so on, to ultimately deliver the web project in line with the documentation / specifications.
  2. You’ll stick to the plan. Once sign off is made, it’s final. You’re signalling that we can move on with confidence to the next phase of development.


Of course if changes are required, we can accommodate these. But there’s often a considerable overhead in going back for variations, in both time and subsequently cost. Any changes requested after sign off are considered variations. We’ll provide a quote for any variations which must be signed off before the work is done.

Timeline and Client Responsiveness

You will be provided with a timeline at the commencement of the project. Meeting milestone deadlines is a team effort and requires a high degree of client responsiveness to provide review feedback and provide content when required. The timeline is based on an assumption of client feedback/response within 48 hours of request unless otherwise agreed/advised. We completely understand that website projects can be all consuming and that you’ve plenty of other day to day things to spend time on within your business. That’s fine, of course, just please note that we reserve the option to the push back milestones and deadlines as a result of delayed feedback/responses, and that this may untimely affect the go live date.

OK, so now that the formalities are out of the way, let’s get into the project. You might like to check out our posts on How to Use Basecamp and Wireframes.


This is a living document and will be updated from time to time.

  1. 07.03.2015 – Added section headed “Timeline and Client Responsiveness”
About Steve Richard-Preston
Steve Richard-Preston

I’m Steve Richard-Preston, Digital Producer & Project Manager here at Curata. I love technology, particularly where it meets with business and their customers – online. I have a special interest in business and eCommerce web design, content strategy, digital marketing, project management and usability. Having worked with Magento and WordPress for 8+ years both client and agency side, I focus on content and functional design.