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Review the Category Structure of Your Magento Store

Tree category

One of the fundamental information architecture tasks in any eCommerce project is to define the structure of your product catalogue. For existing sites, a rebuild is a great opportunity to review the category structure and make improvements where possible. There are many factors to consider when determining the structure of your catalogue. Here are some questions […]

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Web Style Sheet Review Process

Colours and Styles

For projects where time and budget is of the essence, we can implement a “template modification” design process. Central to this process is the creation of the style sheet. What is a Style Sheet? A style sheet is a collection of styles that dictate how a website’s elements should look. The elements included in the style sheet depend on […]

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Custom Design Vs Template Modification

When designing websites there are two main approaches that can be taken in the design phase. These are “Custom Design” and “Template Modification”. Website Theme 101 A website’s appearance and structure is dictated by the website “theme”. A theme is collection of files and code that makes up a number of unique “page templates”. For each page […]

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Attributes and Attribute Sets – Magento

Magento Attributes

Attributes are characteristics that describe a product and are the building blocks of your product catalogue and hence defining attributes and the attributes sets is one of the first steps in planning for your Magento website. Each attribute contains a value that describes a characteristic of a product, such as “color” or “fabric.” The “color” […]

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What are Wireframes? – How to Review

Simple Wireframe Example

The review and ultimate signoff of wireframes is the second milestone during a standard web project, typically coming shortly after the sitemap is confirmed. Often times we’ll run the sitemap and wireframe phases in parallel. For each page template we will build, there will be a wireframe. What are Wireframes? The following are key functions […]

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