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Web Style Sheet Review Process

Colours and Styles

For projects where time and budget is of the essence, we can implement a “template modification” design process. Central to this process is the creation of the style sheet.

What is a Style Sheet?

A style sheet is a collection of styles that dictate how a website’s elements should look. The elements included in the style sheet depend on the type of site (eCommerce of business website), but typically include mockups of the following:

  • The header styles including the web logo
  • Main menu styles
  • Body text and link styles – font families, sizes, weights etc.
  • Footer styles
  • Buttons and CTA styles
  • Other central elements, for example a “product list view” style for Magento websites.

Style Sheets are Not…

Give the KIS approach to a template modification design process, the style sheet does have some limitations worth noting. Style sheets:

  • DO NOT include each and every style “class” used by the theme
  • DO NOT indicate functionality in any way
  • DO NOT show the layout or “wireframe” of the site in any way
  • ARE NOT provided for each page template

There is one single style sheet for the site and the styles are then applied logically throughout the theme, with the end result being a consistently branded look and feel that represents your business.

Existing Branding Guidelines / Style Guides

If your company has existing brand guidelines, these can be provided to Curata at the beginning of the design phase. Existing brand guidelines or style guides are not essential. If you don’t have any, no problem. it should be noted that the web styles don’t ordinarily follow print style guides exactly as there are nuances between “real world/print” branding and the web.

At the end of the day we are the web guys and we know what works on the web, so feel free to allow us to take the lead on this. You can be as involved or uninvolved in the creative process as you like. On the vast majority of occasions our clients sign off on the style sheet at V1 stage.

Review Process

The review process is as follows:

  1. Curata creates a draft style sheet which is reviewed by our in-house team
  2. Curata provides V1 of the stylesheet to you for review
  3. You (client) provide feedback, if any, or sign off is satisfied
  4. Curata works closely with you to discuss and work through and design issues
  5. Curata provides V2 of the style sheet for you to review/sign off.
  6. Curata works closely with you to discuss and work through and design issues
  7. Curata provides style sheet final version for sign off.

Review Tips

  • Be sure to view the image file at 100% on your computer. I.e. make sure you’re looking at it at full size.
  • Note the limitation of two (2) rounds of revision, and as such please always provide as much feedback (if any) in the first instance.

Sign off Dependency

Sign off on the stylesheet is one of the dependencies to move from the design phase to the build phase. Any changes requested after sign off are considered “variations” and are subject to additional cost, as per our standard website development terms and conditions.


About Steve Richard-Preston
Steve Richard-Preston

I’m Steve Richard-Preston, Digital Producer & Project Manager here at Curata. I love technology, particularly where it meets with business and their customers – online. I have a special interest in business and eCommerce web design, content strategy, digital marketing, project management and usability. Having worked with Magento and WordPress for 8+ years both client and agency side, I focus on content and functional design.