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Build Phase and Content Entry

Build and Content - Code

Site build and content entry is the business end of the website development process. After all of the planning and design, we now build up the site. Signing off on design is the dependency that must be met before me move onto build. In this phase we will: Build the website – includes building the theme […]

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Web Style Sheet Review Process

Colours and Styles

For projects where time and budget is of the essence, we can implement a “template modification” design process. Central to this process is the creation of the style sheet. What is a Style Sheet? A style sheet is a collection of styles that dictate how a website’s elements should look. The elements included in the style sheet depend on […]

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Custom Design Vs Template Modification

When designing websites there are two main approaches that can be taken in the design phase. These are “Custom Design” and “Template Modification”. Website Theme 101 A website’s appearance and structure is dictated by the website “theme”. A theme is collection of files and code that makes up a number of unique “page templates”. For each page […]

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How to Use Basecamp – Best Practice Tips

Basecamp Image

I first started using Basecamp in my first PM role about 5 years ago now. Since then Basecamp has undergone one major upgrade and is regularly updated with small incremental improvements. In this article I’ll share some advice on how to use Basecamp. Basecamp is often touted as a project management tool, however, I prefer to […]

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Website Development Process

Web Process

Our website development process is tried, tested and proven, It can be broken down into 6 main phases, Web Development Phases Requirements Gathering Content Creation Structure and Functional Design Aesthetic Design Build and Test Go Live Each of these phases acts as a gateway to the next, meaning that progression from one phase to the next is […]

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