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Provision of Content


The content phase is when we organise and confirm the requirements for all of the words, images, videos, attachments or any other media on your website. Let’s make no mistake about it – the provision of content is a BIG job. And oftentimes it’s the phase where delays are introduced to the website project timeline.

Types of Content

Content can be broken down into several main groups:

  1. Copywriting – The words that appear within the main body of text on the web pages. Good copywriting for the web should include appropriate use of headings, internal links to other pages onsite, external links to other sites (where appropriate), and err on the side of smaller paragraphs.
  2. Images – The photos or other graphical images that will be used within the pages themselves and as part of the theme design.
  3. Other Media – Also consider what other media/files are required. PDF or other attachments, video or audio embed codes Etc.
  4. Miscellaneous Content – Although some of this crosses over into the copywriting process, we treat miscellaneous content separately. This is typically small snippets of text that is used on various theme elements such as banner headlines and captions, widget text and CTA text on elements such as buttons.

How We Handle Content

Typically, the provision of content is ultimately your responsibility as the client. We will provide instructions and documentation to assist in the provision of the content in an organised and efficient manner.


If you opted to include our copywriting services as part of your website package, you are still required to to provide draft copy to assist the professional copywriting process.

To handle copywriting, we will either use (an online content management tool) or Google Docs. Both are online tools, collaborative and easy to use. We strongly recommend against the use of Word documents as this invariably results in a mess of multiple versions of documentation, and does not allow real time collaboration. Your project manager will confirm the system to which you will enter your draft/final content.

Images and Other Media

Images and other media should be supplied via your Google Drive account into the folder /client-files/content. All files should be named logically and separated into appropriate sub folders related to pages E.g. /client-files/content/homepage.

Miscellaneous Content

Miscellaneous text content will generally be handled through a “content mapping” document separate to the main copywriting. This allows us to easily match up text to the various theme template elements. Keep in mind this text is not contained within the page body text.

What Next?

Your project manager will confirm content priorities, provide access to any systems and proactively manage the content provision.


This is a living document and will be updated from time to time.

  1. 07.03.2015 – Updated section headed “How We Handle Content”


About Steve Richard-Preston
Steve Richard-Preston

I’m Steve Richard-Preston, Digital Producer & Project Manager here at Curata. I love technology, particularly where it meets with business and their customers – online. I have a special interest in business and eCommerce web design, content strategy, digital marketing, project management and usability. Having worked with Magento and WordPress for 8+ years both client and agency side, I focus on content and functional design.